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   Carden School of Whittier throughout my 10 years studying there has taught me various skills for all aspects of my life. It guided me as I pursued my education, and it imbued within me values of citizenship that I will go on to utilize for the rest of my life. Through Carden’s unique educational system I was able to enhance my knowledge regarding English, Science, Social Studies, and especially Mathematics. In fact, it was Carden School which spurred my interest in such field and through the Advanced Math program I was constantly challenged in order to further my knowledge and in turn become very profound in the subject. Math went on to become one of my proficient subjects in high school, so I would definitely say that Carden prepared me well for high school and other higher education in that sense. Carden instructs children very well on the utilization of manners, discipline, and social skills with others. In comparison to those who attend public school, Carden kids understand how to properly behave themselves and have always received compliments whenever they appear in public. Without the character building I was given at Carden, I would not be who I am today. The friendships I made along the way also defined my experience at Carden School. The people you meet grow up with you and your relationships only grow stronger as time goes on. We faced the highs and lows of life together as a class, and I shall forever appreciate these people for being in my life. My relationship with the teachers at Carden also helped to enhance the quality of my education in a similar sense as a well-established personal relationship with each and every one helped to bring my education to a level of much greater understanding for each and every skill I obtained. Carden School helped to define me as a student by guiding me through every step in life. Students in general receive only the best whilst attending this wonderful school.


Ethan Wu

Carden Class of 2017

Troy High School Tech and IB Programs Class of 2021

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