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Give Your Child a Bright Future at

Carden Academy of Whittier

Explore what makes Carden Academy of Whittier unique.

We challenge and support our students. 

At Carden Academy of Whittier, we develop our curriculum with the whole child in mind. Our teachers and staff work together to create enriching, challenging, and memorable classroom experiences for your child. 

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We limit our enrollment.

With small class sizes, we are able to individualize our way of teaching to each student's specific needs and implement a philosophy of learning that our students can apply anywhere. Our faculty challenges each student to achieve high standards while capturing a full comprehension of the material and the opportunity to revisit and strengthen concepts when needed. 

 Additionally, our teachers go above and beyond teaching "standard" learning objectives. They teach critical thinking,  problem-solving, and socialization skills that are essential for the success of  each student.

We know your child very well.

Due to the small school size, we are able to make genuine connections with our students. We know the areas in which your child excels and when we can challenge them. We provide the special individualized attention for every student to build confidence throughout their academic journey.

We create big opportunities for your child.

At Carden Academy of Whittier, our students contribute a vital role in campus life. There is always room to participate in classroom discussions, after school events, and community involvement.

We care. 

We create a foundation for success.

At Carden Academy of Whittier, we are committed to the development of the whole child. Developing and supporting your child academically, socially, and emotionally is our purpose. A Carden education is about growing as a person, finding one's way, and learning to adjust to a changing world. Our talented faculty also serve as mentors, focusing on the individual needs of each student. This is especially important during childhood and adolescence when children are faced with an incredible range of choices, including the kind of people they socialize with and the kind of person they strive to be. 

Our teachers are passionate about teaching your child.

At Carden Academy of Whittier, our teachers have the time to focus on what is most important. With small classes, they have the opportunity to build an engaging curriculum and classroom environment. They also participate in community activities to illustrate leadership involvement. Some of our teachers have advanced degrees in their field of study, and they are passionate about sharing their expertise with students.

We are a community.

We serve the community. 

Carden Academy of Whittier is more than a school. It is a community. When you enroll your child at Carden Academy of Whittier, you become part of the Carden family. Together as a family, we serve the local community of Whittier. We are always looking for opportunities to serve others.

Why Carden Academy of Whittier?


Average size of Teaching Groups for Math, Reading & Language


Plus years of combined teaching experience


Plus years average Tenure of Faculty


Assemblies per year


Hour of daily outside play time


Songs & poems learned yearly

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