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Our Curriculum


“The aim of education should not be the acquisition of data. The aim is the mental, emotional, physical, and social development of each child.”

- Mae Carden


Carden Academy of Whittier proudly serves students in preschool through eighth grade. We are licensed by the Carden Educational Foundation and utilize the traditional Carden curriculum and teaching methodology developed by Miss Mae Carden. Our talented and caring teachers and administrators receive annual training through the Carden Educational Foundation and together have a combined average of 20 years experience educating students using the Carden Method and philosophy.


Miss Carden devoted her life to developing a program that works. The Carden curriculum concerns itself with the development of the whole child and is highly individualized in its approach. All grade levels are interrelated and sequential; each builds upon the last to provide security in academics and to create a solid foundation for future education. Each classroom is divided into small groups to provide continuous challenges and stimulation across all subjects for every student. Our versatile academic program includes advanced math, language arts, classic literature, history, science, computers, French, Spanish, STEM, and art.

Life is good and all is well. The Carden Method® and philosophy naturally promote a joy-filled and harmonious atmosphere that provides students with the comfort and security needed for learning. We accept each student as they are in the moment, a unique person with his or her own individual characteristics. Our goal as a school is to instill and encourage successful behavior and learning patterns in every student. Our Christian faith-based values are interwoven into the daily routine of each classroom to awaken students to ethical and social values. We believe that achievement builds self-esteem and that true happiness is the by-product of doing for others.


It is Miss Carden's curriculum that equips us to educate our students, but it is her philosophy and methodology that helps us reach their hearts.

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