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Eighth Grade

Our Eighth Grade Curriculum

At Carden Academy of Whittier, we consider nothing more important than to help each student learn and grow at their best pace. We have constructed our eighth grade program with the benefit of all of our students in mind. Our small class sizes allow our dedicated teachers to provide an accelerated curriculum and individualized instruction that benefits all of our students. Our teachers are able to provide additional support in academic areas to foster the learning pace and needs of our students through daily small group work sessions.


When you choose Carden Academy of Whittier, you ensure that your child will be exposed to a wide and varied curriculum filled with all of the skill sets necessary to help guide their development thoroughly. We offer instruction in classical literature, math, physical education, music, foreign languages, art, and advanced academic programs such as STEM. We believe a child’s development is not just cognitive, but also social, creative, and physical. We are committed to supporting the development of the whole child at every grade level.

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Eighth Grade Objectives

To Give Each Child: 

Security in learning, the ability to think, self-reliance, understanding of what he/she is learning, and knowledge of the purpose of that learning; good study habits, love of reading and math, a pleasurable learning experience.



Reference work: note cards, outlines, bibliographies; book reports; current events; literature classics; history.

Language Mechanics:

Plain English. Building sentences: simple complex, compound; pronouns: cases, uses, in compound parts, appositives, kinds, antecedents; connectives: prepositions, conjunctions; sentence structure: clauses and phrases – adjectival, adverbial, prepositional, noun; misplaced modifiers.


Skills based on the Carden Sounds Chart; sentence analysis, dictionary marks, parts of speech, diagramming: parts of a sentence.


United States, continents, and their interrelationships.


Oral reports, debates, and presentations.


Vocabulary development.


Paragraph, formal outline, summary, letter-writing, oral or written book reports (six: fiction, sports, student choice, biography, historical novel, classics from the required Carden book list.); current events – biweekly; special reports – D.A.R. and California history essay contests; biography, Science Fair reports, History Day reports.

Creative Expression:

Write stories, fiction, and nonfiction.


Write, learn, recite selected poems; write original poetry.


Practice skills of legible cursive and apply.


Classical roots and meanings; application of vocabulary.


Oral reading and translating sentences; verbs and conjugation, nouns, sounds, expressions, writing sentences, conversing.


Sight singing, chorus, music appreciation.


Pre-algebra; whole numbers: rounding adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing; common fractions and mixed numbers: adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, lowest terms, changing improper to mixed, etc. decimal fractions: rounding, comparing, changing to and from fractions, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing. Percent: meaning, changing to and from decimals and fractions; Squares and Square Roots; Units of measurement: length, area, volume, capacity, weight, time, metrics, rates, angles; Ratios and Graphs: bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs; Geometry: coordinate planes, graphing equations: lines and segments, ruler, scale, angles, geometric figures, constructing angles, parallel lines, congruent/similar triangles, perimeters, area, volume, formulas; numerical trigonometry, symbols, formulas, equations, story problems, integers, inequalities, proportions, variation; Applications of Earner and Consumer: income, taxes, buying food, kitchen problems, living expenses, simple and compound interest, installment buying, car and house buying, insurance, banking: Roman Numerals.


American History from the Age of Discovery to the American Revolution.


Life Science: cell structure, function, division, five kingdoms, virus, protists, fungi, scientific method, genetics.


Using a variety of mediums to create a pleasing result; art history and appreciation.

Social Studies:

Developing knowledge and skill in history, geography, culture, economics, civics, and government. We also focus on people and their interaction with others and the world in which they live. Our students gain a better understanding of their country and its regions.


Science, technology, engineering, mathematics.

Attitude Development:

While discussing Carden Standards of Living, the student is helped to develop the ability to function without self-consciousness in the presence of classmates and adults. Accept responsibility for learning, make individual contributions to group discussions and bring from home resource information when pertinent to discussions. Praise the work of others, accept constructive correction, have a calm demeanor, and have a sense of security in the learning experience. Display kindness and respect to others, always.

American Heritage Day:

Friday, April 19, 2024

Books for the Pupils


Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes



Man Without a Country

Julius Caesar

King Arthur

Huckleberry Finn                                                                          



Pre-Algebra/Algebra by Holt McDougal                                      



Health Physical Science: The Challenge of Discovery



Composition Workbook 9 & 10            

Plain English II

Graduation Workbook 8

Extracurricular Activities

Field Trips:

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 - Whittier Christian High School Visit

Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - Getty Museum

Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - Columbia Space Center

April 2-6, 2024 - Washington D.C./Williamsburg/Gettysburg


After-School Activities:

Mondays: Cheer, Choir, Gardening, and Musical Theater

Tuesdays: Advanced Coding Club and Cross Country

Wednesdays: Cross Country, Dance (Ballet), Math Club, and Chess Club

Thursdays: Reading Club and Spanish Club

Fridays: Cheer and Dance (Hip Hop)

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