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Third Grade

Our Third Grade Curriculum

With our smaller class size, our dedicated staff is able to provide not only an accelerated curriculum for our students, but also a more individualized instruction that benefits students who need additional help and support in an academic area.

At Carden Academy, we consider nothing more important than to help each child learn and grow at their best pace. We have constructed our third grade program with the aim of benefiting all of our students. Our small third grade classes allow each instructor to focus closely on meeting every student’s individual needs, while also offering more advanced curriculum, which will put every student at the head of the curve as they progress through their academic journey.

When you choose Carden Academy of Whittier, you ensure that  your child will be exposed to a wide and varied curriculum, filled with all of the skill-sets necessary to help guide their development thoroughly. We offer instruction in physical education, music, foreign languages, art, and advanced academic programs such as STEM. We believe a child’s development is not just cognitive, but also social, creative, physical and more. 


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Third Grade Objectives

To give each child - 

Security in learning, the ability to think, self-reliance, understanding of what he/she is learning, and knowledge of the purpose of that learning; good study habits, love of reading and math, a pleasurable learning experience.


Class Book III Workbook, Comprehension Techniques, Graduation Book.


Vowel chart plus dictionary marks and examples; word groups; homonyms.



Continents, mountains, rivers, deserts, oceans, and seas (Looking at the World); maps of the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Language Mechanics:

Questions answered: why, by whom; by what; Parts of speech: proper noun; adverb; article; personal pronoun; the street; parts of the sentence; adverb and adjective phrases; beginning work with adverb and adjective clauses; verbs; present perfect, past perfect, future tenses, regular and progressive forms, conjugation of to be in five tenses, singular and plural conjugations punctuation: apostrophe; (using sentence analysis, dictation and recall).

Drama :



Paragraph pattern, book reports, summaries, outlining.


Phonetics; complex vowel sounds, simple grammatical rules, plurals.


Addition with carrying, working in ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands house and addition of decimals; subtraction using the pairs, re-grouping to subtract, with borrowing; mastery of multiplication two's through 12's with carrying and two-digit multipliers; division with one digit divisor; quotients with remainders; understanding division as a fraction.; fractions used in division; story problems using all math patterns in solving; creating story problems with all four processes as well as number needed and the difference between; money: dollars and cents used in math problems; time: adding minutes and hours; geometry: study of terms and angles; math signs and terms; measurements of basic standard and metric; Add and subtract fractions; multiples, improper to proper fractions and simple reducing of fractions.


Early man, American Indian tribes, holidays, animals


Solar system, fossils, water, food, heat; Discovery Works, Learning to Live, experiments, Constellations.


Sight signing; part singing; choir.

Work Habits:

Work independently on assigned work; complete assignments in a given time; write neatly and arrange the material in an attractive way; concentrate, have a satisfactory attention span; follow directions.

Social Studies:

Developing knowledge and skill in history, geography, culture, economics, civics, and government. We also focus on people and their interaction with others and the world in which they live. Our students gain a better understanding of their country and its regions.

Attitude Development:

We discuss Standards of Living and help students to be confident and comfortable in the presence of adults and classmates.  Our students practice patterns of acceptable behavior and have a sense of security in learning.  Our students are taught to maintain strong values and show appreciation for all that is good.

Field Trips:

Due to COVID-19, we do not have any field trips scheduled at this time.

After School Activities:

Tuesday: Choir, Musical Theater

Wednesday: Computer Club, Gymnastics

Thursday: Spanish Club, Reading Club

Books for the pupils - 


Class Book III

Adventures of a Brownie


Black Beauty

Grimm's Fairy Tales


Spelling Workbook 3

Language Workbook

Comprehension Techniques

Graduation Book 3

Math Workbook

Getting Ahead in Math 3

Read to Children:


The Little Island

Pepito's Story

Let's Walk Up the Wall

The Elephant and the Bad Baby

Secret Garden 

Hans Brinker


The Tailor of Gloucester

The Tale of Jemina Puddleduck

The Tale of Jeremy Fisher

Fairy Tales Retold

The Menehunes


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