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Fifth Grade

Our Fifth Grade Curriculum

With our smaller class size, our dedicated staff is able to provide not only an accelerated curriculum for our students, but also a more individualized instruction that benefits students who need additional help and support in an academic area.

At Carden Academy, we consider nothing more important than to help each child learn and grow at their best pace. We have constructed our fifth grade program with the aim of benefiting all of our students. Our small fifth grade classes allow each instructor to focus closely on meeting every student’s individual needs, while also offering more advanced curriculum, which will put every student at the head of the curve as they progress through school. 

When you choose Carden Academy of Whittier, you ensure that  your child will be exposed to a wide and varied curriculum, filled with all of the skill-sets necessary to help guide their development thoroughly. We offer instruction in physical education, music, foreign languages, art, and advanced academic programs such as STEM. We believe a child’s development is not just cognitive, but also social, creative, physical and more. 


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Fifth Grade Objectives

To give each child - 

Security in learning, the ability to think, self-reliance, understanding of what he/she is learning, and knowledge of the purpose of that learning; good study habits, love of reading and math, a pleasurable learning experience.


Ability to find and use parts of speech in sentences, and to know definitions: ability to find and write the Subject (simple, complete, compound), the Verb (transitive, intransitive, linking), the Direct/indirect object, Phrases (adjectival/adverb), Clauses (adjectival, adverbial, noun); learn diagramming; learn and use Types of Sentences: Simple compound, complex; Declarative, interrogative, imperative. Verbs: Principal parts, Tenses, Forms and Voice; Punctuation/ capitalization; Write letters.


Learn fractions: Properties (+,-,x,-); Mixed Numbers, Improper Numbers, reducing; LCD; Decimals: Properties, Change to fractions. Percentages: Change to decimals/fractions, problem solving. Roman Numerals (1 - 1,000). Measurements: Liquid/dry, Metric, Estimating/average. Plotting graphs. Geometry: Polygons; Angles; Lines, rays segments; Congruent/similar; Circles. Math Identities: Associative, Commutative, Distributive, Additive multiplication.



Achievement of the following: read rapidly and rhythmically with expression on grade level; remember every detail of what is read; organize the material read; evaluate the material read; know all parts of speech; understand the tenses of verbs and use them correctly; understand paragraphing; write compositions using paragraphing; use the following punctuation marks: period, question marks, comma, quotation marks, exclamation marks; express oneself fluently either orally or in writing; enlarge speaking and reading vocabulary by a thousand words; concentration; good study habits; self-reliance; learn to use reference books; develop a desire to read; develop a taste for good literature; recite twenty poems


Ability to use expressions, verbs, tenses, and vocabulary.


Ability to recognize post revolutionary history, presidents; explorers and inventors; famous Americans and events.


Identification of maps of the world, hemispheres, time zones, projections; usage of keys; interrelationships of regions.


Understand water cycle, planets, food chain, atmosphere, surface tension, molecules, levers; learn about the human skeleton, cells, circulation; relationship of electricity and magnetism; common chemicals; attend scientific field trips.


Appreciate impressionists, learn famous paintings and artists; practice drawing, painting, sculpture.

Physical Education:

Participate in organized games; learn good sportsmanship;

Books for the pupils - 



Wind in the Willows


Brighty of the Grand Canyon

Patty Reed's Doll

Otto of the Silver Hand

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