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Our Kindergarten Curriculum

With our smaller class size, our dedicated staff is able to provide not only an accelerated curriculum for our students, but also a more individualized instruction that benefits students who need additional help and support in an academic area.

At Carden Academy, we consider nothing more important than to help each child learn and grow at their own pace. We have constructed our kindergarten program with the aim of benefiting all of our students. Our small kindergarten class allows the instructor to focus closely on meeting every student’s individual needs, while also offering more advanced curriculum, which will put every student at the head of the curve as they progress through their academic journey. 

When you choose Carden Academy of Whittier, you ensure that  your child will be exposed to a wide and varied advanced curriculum, filled with all of the skill-sets necessary to help guide their development thoroughly. We offer instruction in physical education, music, foreign languages, art, and advanced academic programs such as STEM. We believe a child’s development is not just cognitive, but also social, creative, physical and much more.


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Kindergarten Objectives

To give each child - 


Security in learning the ability to think, self-reliance, understanding of what he / she is learning and knowledge of the purpose of that learning; good study habits, love of reading and math, a pleasurable learning experience. 



Introductory steps using play names of the letters

Real names and sounds of the letters and blends

Reading simple sentences rhythmically 

Beginning controls

Word groups

Simple spelling lessons

The workbooks are worked independently and corrected daily.

Reading is taught in groups of 4 students around a teaching table.


Basic number sense: one-ness, ... nine-ness

Grouping objects and counting them

Pattern: building the ones and the boxes (1-9)

The number line (1-9):

Developing the mental image; numbers before and after

Simple oral word problems with addition and subtraction

Working number needed story problems

Counting by 2's, 5's, 10's and every other one

Counting aloud and writing numbers to 100

Simple work with time, money, and the calendar

Written addition and subtraction problems (1-3)

Math is taught in groups of 4 while the other group of children work independently.



Questions answered Who? (subject): Doing? (verb)

Identify them in a sentence

Create sentences following this pattern

Asks and answer the questions in writing 

Parts of the sentence: separate sentences into the two main parts, Who? and Doing? (subject and predicate) with line

Verbs: beginning oral work on present and past tense forms

Punctuation: Sentences begin with capital and end with a period, question marks.



Develop concepts and vocabulary for earth, life, and physical science an the ability to perform appropriate experiments.

Social Skills:


Ability to interact appropriately with peers and adults; ability to communicate ideas, feelings, and knowledge.

*Reading Log: 


second semester.

*Simple book reports second semester.



The appreciation of poetry and the ability to memorize various poems.


The ability to print clearly.


Appreciate six to eight well known paintings and the artists.


Performs songs in at least two programs; learn numerous historical songs and fun age appropriate songs.


Skill reading maps (neighborhood and the United States)

Computer skills:

Ability to use a computer for educational games and IXL.

Attitude Development:

We discuss Standards of Living and help students to be confident and comfortable in the presence of adults and classmates. Our students practice patterns of accepatable behavior and have a sence of security in learning. Our students are taught to maintain strong values and sh

Field Trips:

Due to COVID-19 we do not have Field Trips planned for the school year.

After School Clubs:

Wednesdays: Spanish Club and Gymnastics

Thursdays: Reading Club

Books for the pupils:


Book 1 I See

Book 2 Joan

Book 3 The Red Book


Cutting and Pasting 

Vocabulary seatwork for Red Book

Red Book Workbook

Pre-Primary Workbook

The Farm Workbook

Daddy's Garden

Kindergarten 100 Skills Workbook



One is for the Sun

Johnny Crows New Garden

Play with Me

Minnikin, Midgie and Moppet

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