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Our Preschool

Our Preschool

   We understand that early education is a critical step for little ones and an important decision for parents when selecting a school. Our program is focused on age level appropriate learning.  Students can start as young as 2.5 in the three year old class.  We also have a four year old and pre-k class.

   At Carden Academy of Whittier Preschool, we present literature for comprehension and vocabulary building while giving the children an opportunity to love books. We present science, social studies, art, music, French, mathematical understanding along with social and physical development. 

   Our qualified preschool staff establishes opportunities in small groups for building communication skills and consistently guiding our children in the courtesies of life. All of which is done in a happy, welcoming atmosphere, instilling a love of learning for future academic success.

   As toddlers grow and become more aware of the world around them, we continually move the activities along, understanding that the children’s time at school plays a vital role in the beginning steps of learning. Our little ones experience group lessons with the teacher and valuable time learning to share and relate to one another. Caring preschool teachers guide the children consistently in behaviors that will strengthen their social skills as well as their desire to learn. Even at the preschool age, the children’s play is their work.

Some items from our Early Childhood Program are listed below:

  • Toys and activities are strategically chosen to help strengthen their little fingers and allow for creative ideas. 

  • Story time, literature, is when vocabulary can be enhanced.  Children can experience adventure while given a chance to use their imagination creating their unique version of the  story. Questions are asked to build interest and participation which develop beginning steps of comprehension.

  • Music lifts the spirit.  Singing, along with rhythm and movement, build coordination and confidence.

  • Art time provides an opportunity to be creative while strengthening focus and individuality. Color and design themes offer the young child a wide variety of experiences.

  • Outside play is also important for our little ones. Physical activity is not only important for health but also provides the children the opportunity to develop skills while enjoying others.

  • Carden Academy of Whittier welcomes every child. 

Schedule a tour to learn more about our Preschool program!

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